Express Massage / Chair Massage AT ISTANBUL AIRPORT

Express Massage / Chair Massage AT ISTANBUL AIRPORT

Do you travel a lot or sit for long hours at work? And do you think you do not have time for a regular massage? Then a Chair Massage / Express Massage might be the right thing for you. This massage is clothed and can be done almost anywhere. However they are most common in offices and airports.

Express Massage / Chair Massage is a quick and easy way release stiffness, knots and strains in neck, shoulder, back and arms or relax during a long road trip or while waiting at an airport. 

It will take only 30-45 minutes of your time to relieve stress, to reduce neck tension, back and shoulder pain and to get more productive, focused, happy and relaxed.  

Treat yourself with a little break from the hustle of life and slip into a state of utter bliss and relaxation. 

Should you have time at the Istanbul Airport come in and try our Express Massage. 

Other services like Traditional Turkish Hamam Massages, Table & Foot Massages as well as Beauty Treatments can also be choosen.

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