Spa Faq

Even the most experienced spa enthusiast may just occasionally question what to do when faced with a new spa or a new treatment. We suggest you browse through this small introduction so that you can fully relax during your Ambassador Spa experience.

Booking your Treatment

Spa/Beauty treatments do not need to be booked in advance and will then be subject to availability. To avoid disappointents on arrival we recommend you to book your spa experience online or send us an e- mail with your preferred appointment time and favourite spa/beauty treatment.

Arriving for your treatment

We suggest that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your massage appointment to allow yourself time to change and enjoy a shower free of charge when you have a massage booking. To relax and be unstressed is the best preparation for a wonderful spa experience.


Drink plenty of fluids (water or herbal teas) before and after your spa treatment, especially if you use our sauna, steam room or hamam, in order to flush the body of toxins. Avoid eating immediately before your treatment. Alcohol should be avoided before and immediately after your spa experience.


The spa environment is supposed to be a stress-reducing, tranquil experience, so turn your phone off before entering the spa. Remember, you are doing something very good for your mind and body, so switch yourself off too and allow us to pamper you.


Spa is healthy - smoking is not, so we kindly request our Guests not to smoke in the spa.

What to Wear

All massage treatments, except chair massages, are taken without clothes as the oils and creams used would otherwise stain your clothes. Special disposable underwear is provided for treatments. However, should you feel more comfortable wearing your own underwear, please feel free to do so!
Note: (Disposal) Underwear is required at all times in all spa areas.

Can I Talk?

Peace and tranquillity are essential elements of an Ambassador Spa experience, but giving your spa therapist feedback, such as the strength of the massage, areas requiring more or less attention, music volume or room temperature, is perfectly acceptable and will only enhance the enjoyment of your experience.

Prepare for a Massage?

We recommend a warm shower before a spa treatment to loosen the muscles and open the pores of the skin.

Note: As the next guests appointments is set we allow a preperation time of 10 minutes. Any additional time is part of your treatment.

Inappropriate Behaviour

Therapists are part of a professional establishment and if they feel a client is behaving inappropriately than they are authorized to stop the treatment immediately. Full payment will be charged.

After the Spa Treatment

Take your time to “wake up to reality”, enjoy sipping a cup of warm herbal tea or cold water in our lobby area.


Payment for your spa experience can be settled in cash or by credit card. Please note that the charges quoted are inclusive local taxes. Compulsory charges are excluded.


Tipping is a gesture showing your gratitude for a service received and the amount is up to your preference. However, in Turkey it is customs to tip about 10%.


Ambassador Spa concept is for relaxation and pampering only and does not provide medical or other forms of curative treatments. Should you have a medical condition, including chronic pains, we recommend you see a physician prior to your spa visit.


As it is risky to take spa treatments for pregnant women, we will not provide any spa treatment during pregnancy.

High Blood Pressure

You should not use the hot areas such as steam room, sauna and hamam if you suffer from high blood pressure. In any case, we suggest that you consult with your doctor prior to your spa visit.

Other pre-existing conditions

If you have any heat conditions, fever, recent post-operative wounds or other serious medical conditions you should not use the spa. In this case your spa treatment will be cancelled.


Our products are based on natural active ingredients with a minimum of chemical preservatives.