Long Layover at Istanbul Airport

Long Layover at Istanbul Airport

Long Layover at Istanbul Airport: Make the best of it!

You think a layover is boring, frustrating and time consuming than try to see it as a gift to spend some time for yourself to explore a different culture, try different food or spoil yourself with a relaxing massage, a beauty treatment or simply get some good sleep.

Leaving The Airport / Explore The City

Should you have enough time, and visas are no hassle, than visit the Istanbul city center. Sultanahmet is full of history. The Grand - and Spice Bazaar, the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, the Hippodrome, the Blue Mosque, the Turkish & Islamic Art Museum and the Great Palace Museum are all within walking distance. Should you prefer shopping Taksim & Nisantası (close to Taksim Area) might be the right place to go. You can find busses to Taksim and Sultanahmet from theIstanbul  Airport Terminal. 

Staying At The Airport

Store your laggage

First of all store your luggage at a luggage store so that you can walk comfortable around and discover. There is one close to Gates A - B by the LCWaikiki Store. 

Time to Relax

Life is so busy most of times that we do forget to look after ourselves. Muscles get tide and sore. Refresh and relax while having a food or table massage, or visit a sauna or steam room. You may also like to try a Turkish bath treatment, a regular treat for locals. All this and more is available at the Ambassador Spa & Beauty Salon on the 2nd floor close to Gates A - B next to the Istanbul Airport Museum & IGA Lounge.

Time for Beauty Treats

You did not find time to make your nails or get a waxing before your travel. The Ambassador Spa & Beauty Salon offers services like manicure, pedicure, facials, waxing, eye care and make-ups. 

Location: 2nd floor close to Gates A - B next to the Istanbul Airport Museum & IGA Lounge.

Maybe you decide on getting your hair done while waiting. There is a proffessional hair-dresser, Parisli Cemil, on ground floor close to LCWaikiki and Gates A - B.

Time To Sleep

At the Istanbul Airport you can get a room in YOTEL close the Gates A - B. There are also IGA Sleepod places where you can take a private rest. For all who do not want to pay and still get a bit sleep there are sleeping areas around Gates near smoking terraces. 

Time to Shop

Many known  brands are at Istanbul Airport such as Duty Free, Samsonite, Lego, D & R stores, Altinbas....

Time to Eat & Drink

There are bakeries, patisseries, cafes, bars, restaurants, popular coffee chains, fast food restaurants and Grab-and-Go buffets for everyones taste. If you like to try some local food you might like to go to places like Tadinda Anadolu or Simit Sarayi.

Time for Culture

Istanbul Airport Museum, "Turkey's Treasures; Faces of Throne" Exhibition  

It currently helds an exhibition of 316 works from 29 museums on an area of 1.000 sqm. Being the first of its kind in Turkey and one of the few worldwide. 

Location: International departures 2nd floor next to IGA Lounge and Ambassador Spa & Beauty Salon.

‘Pioneers of Modern Science - Islamic Science and Technology History’ Exhibition by Usturlab

This exhibition provides an interactive insight to Muslim scientists who pioneered the sciences & technologies of the modern age and the significant role that the Islamic civilization has played all along.

Location: International departures Gate A.

Gobeklitepe: Zero Po 

A model of Gobeklitepe in Sanliurfa. Gobeklitepe is a center of faith dating to the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Age around 9.600 BC. It predates the famous Stonehenge in England by and  the Egyptian Pyramids and the temples on Malta. 

Location: International departures Gates A-B.

Time for a Lounge Visit

IGA Lounge

The IGA lounge offers billiard, computer and skype rooms,  free Wi-Fi access, Duty Free within the lounge, a children playground, resting areas and much more. Visitor with an IGA Pass profit from discounts at airport stores as well as hair-dresser, spa & beauty services at theairport.

Location: Near Gates A-B, on 2nd floor next to  Sky Team Lounge and Ambassador Spa & Beauty Salon

Sky Team Lounge

Offers free Wi-Fi access, areas to read and relax as well as international and local cuisine.

Only for First & Business Class passengers of Sky Team Member Airlines.

Location: Near Gates A-B, on 2nd floor next to  IGA Lounge and Ambassador Spa & Beauty Salon

Turkish Airline Business Lounge

Relax in a spacious enviroment with free Wi-Fi,enjoy local and international food and profit from free access to pressreader.app that allows you to read internaltional magazines and newspapers. There is also a playground for children.

Only for Turkish Airlines or Star Alliance Airlines Business Class passangers.

Location: Take the escalator opposite Gate E1

Turkish Airline Miles & Smiles Lounge

You can rest in a suite, get free Wi-Fi and pressreader.app access,  you can visit a cinema, use console gaming and children playground in this lounge. It serves local and international food to all Lounge passanger.

Only for Business Class, Turkish Airlines or Star Alliance Airlines Economic Class members with either Miles&Smiles Elite members, Elite Plus members, Star Alliance Gold members or Corporate Club members.

Location: Take the escalator opposite Gate C1

Enjoy your visit atIstanbul Airport!