At the Istanbul Airport the Ambassador Spa & Beauty Salon offers many massage types for limited time passangers. When you feel tired  and exhausted from travelling or bustling around the airport you should definately try one of this services to refresh and regain energy.

A quick foot massage of 20-40 minutes helps to reduce in-flight swellings and relaxes the body. A treatment we should give ourselves on regular basis in this fast moving world.

If you don't want to bother with taking of your shoes to get a massage the Express Massage (a head, neck and shoulder massage) is what you are looking for. You simply sit on a special designed chair and within 30 minutes you feel pain relief and refreshed for the day.

Some companies offer this kind of massage for a higher productivity.

Head Massages of 20-30 minutes help the body to relaxe and be more productive. It relaeses headache, reduces blockages of the brain and improves blood circulations.

Should you suffer from back pain than you can profit from a 30-40 minutes Back Massage. Release muscles tension in your back within minutes. A Back Massage of 20 minutes with Magnesium Oil done on a daily basis can help you avoid back pain on a long term.

You wish to rejuvenate yourself than choose a Turkish Bath Massage of 40 minutes in aTurkish Hamam. The foam and scrub massage cleanse the skin and will leave you refreshed within short time. 

The Sport Massage takes 40 minutes and reduces muscle tension in legs and back. Especially for people who do sport until their limites on a regular basis.

An Empty Tank Take You Exactly NOWHERE. Take Time to Refuel!