Hidden Places of Istanbul

Hidden Places of Istanbul

The Mosaic Museum / The Great Palace of Constantinople

You have visited Istanbul serveral times before or wish to see hidden places of Istanbul, than here are some ideas where to go and what to see in Istanbul.

The Mosaic Museum, also known as the Great Palace, is just a few steps behind the Blue Mosque near Arasta Bazaar. The Great Palace, built by the Emperor Justinian I in 4th century AD and got extended until 12th century. It covered an area of about 100,000 square meter. It shows wildlife, fauna, and figures in colourful, enchanting detail – the biggest, most splendid mosaic surviving from the period.

The Crimea Memorial Church

The Crimea Memorial church is a remarkable survivor from a period of rapid change, as the Ottoman Empire opened itself to western influences.

It was designed by the English architect GE Street and built between 1858-68 in Beyoglu Taksim, on land donated by Sultan Abdulmecit. All stones used in construction were brought from Malta.

Built in neo-Gothic style, set in a beautiful walled garden that also includes the parsonage.


The Maybeshop is something between design shop and art gallery. Turkish designer created a collection of items out of recycled objects. For example old records turned into bowls. It is located in home-furnishing shopping center in Sisli.

Address: Halide Edip Adivar Mahallesi, 34382 Sisli/Istanbul