Turkish Bath - Hamam AT ISTANBUL AIRPORT

Turkish Bath - Hamam AT ISTANBUL AIRPORT

What is a Turkish Bath/Hamam?

The word “hamam” comes originally from the Arabic hamma which means “heating up”, a steam bath which is based on the heating of cold water. It was discovered by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. A Roman bath was not only a place to clean ad relax but also to socialize with friends. Turkish people in Asia had steam baths which they called “Manchu”. So they took their Asian tradition and merged it with the Roman bath culture and created the “Turkish bath”.

Hamam In Ottoman Empire
Back on those days women had to cover their bodies with long abayas when they were in public. A men and women had seperated areas women were bringing home-made foods and musical instruments to women’s quarter. They were singing their best songs and showing their belly dancing skills free from all social pressures of the community they were living in. As weddings were mostly prearranged in Ottoman Empire, familes choosen a bride for their sons regarding their social status and beauty. Since women had to cover in public they used the Turkish bath to find a beautyful woman.

What do you need in a Turkish Bath/Hamam?
Cotton peshtemal towel
Turkish Copper Bathing / Shaving Bowl
Kese Glove/Mitt
1 Soap made only from Olive Oil

How to Dress in Turkish Bath/Hamam?
Public Turkish baths have either a seperated section for men and women or use different times so that men and women do not mix. However in hotels and spas it might be different. Men do usually take all their clothes off and wear nothing below their pestemal. Women can decide whether they do wear their underwear or not while the bra will be taken off.ade only from Olive Oil

What happens in a Turkish Bath/Hamam?
First of all you have to lay at least 15 minutes on the hot marble stone to relax, loosen up and sweat. Than you will receive the massage. At first warm water will be pulled over your body than you will get covered by foam and receive the massage. After the massage you will leave the hot marble stone (gobektasi) and will sit next to one of the basins. Here you will get the body scub. All you old skin will be taken off. Water will be pulled over you before you go back to the hot marble stone for another soapy wash followed by a rinsing session with cold water.

The Ambassador Spa & Beauty Salon at Istanbul Airport is one of the onliest airport spas that offer you a traditional Hamam Ritual. Come in and experience the hands of Turkish culture!

Location: In International Transit Area on Lounge Floor (Next to IGA & Skyteam Lounge, near Gate A & B)
Operating Hours: 24/7
Contact Information:
WhatApps: +90 (537) 366 6336
E-Mail: info@ambassadorspa.com